The Idea

Karolin Zuehlke

Karolin Zühlke

In the summer of 2013 I discovered the work with the Rehatron-appliance by chance. A vet of my acquaintance has been treating his patients with it for a while. Instantly intrigued by the effect of the treatment and the treatment success I wanted to try Rehatron myself. For a while I had been looking for work that could help horses sustainably. I borrowed the appliance and tested it on myself, as I had been incapacitated by a knee injury.
After treating myself and a couple of horses I was excited by the successes. After only a short time the horses and I were in top shape again. Out of this the idea was born to open a rehabilitation center working with the Rehatron appliance, for rehab after a traumatic injury, disease, surgerey or for muscle-, tendons- and backproblems, it is as necessary for horses as it is for humans.

In classical rehab long phases of total rest are typical. Psychic stress for horse and owner are bound to occur, leading to another injury caused by uncontrolled movements when starting work again. Muscle development is as important as the time invested by the owner.

Our place in Worpswede, my passion for horses, my professional training, my commitment to dressage and the support of my parents are the ideal conditions for this undertaking.

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