Breething deeply

In Saltroomtherapy we use a salt room, which duplicates the natural climate of a salt mine. Through a specially designed generator saltaerosol is pumped into the room being atomised to salt particles between 0.5 and 1 µm in size. Therefore the inhalation can get to the smallest alveoli (air sacs).

Respiratory infection in horses often leads to chronic obstructiv lung disease.

In case of a chronic bronchitis the mucus that accumulated in the lungs can often not be evacuated. As a reflex a spasm of the alveoli occurs leading to an asthmatic condition. This mucus is changed by the salt: Due to the salt water can be embedded, the mucus is liquified and the cilia can work again and evacuate the mucus. The saltaerosol contains next to sodium chloride calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, potassium, bromine and fluorine which cleans the air from bacteria and other microoranisms and calms the skin and mucosae.

The advantage of the salt room is that the aerosol is not only effective in the respiratory tract but in the entire body of the horse fastening the wound repair. Furthermore the high and subtle salinity is more easily regulated in the dry aerosol as in a wet climate such as an inhalation mask.

A therapy sessions takes between 30 and 60 minutes, during which the horse owner can be present. It is adviced to lightly work the horse after therapy. When starting therapy a cycle of 10 days of therapy with one session a day is adviced. Furhter treatment can be considered to maintain lung function according to the state of the illness

Typic areas of application of the saltroomtherapy

  • The therapy has proven itself helpful for several diseases:
  • Inflammation of the respiratory tract
  • stucked mucus
  • viral upper respiratory tract infection and other acute infections
  • Suffering of allergies such as bronchical asthma / chronic obstructive bronchitis (COB), chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (RAO)
  • Skininfections such as Eczemas (e.g. Summer Itch), grapes, psoriasis
  • folliculitis

Sport horses can be spared or reduced the amount of medicine used befor shows.

The therapy can be a preventive measure to clean the respiratory tract, strengthen the lung and the immune system, stimulate the metabolism and skin function. The overall wellbeing is improved and in some cases even the performance is improved.