Magnetic Field


Regenerating and

In many different ways the effectiveness of the pulsating magnetic-resonance-stimulation has been proven and displayed in the past years.

The organism itself radiates a strong electromagnetic field, in which several interactions occur on a cellular level between atoms, electrons and molecules.
The pulsating magnetic field influences through coordinated, vibrant magnetic fields and supplies energy from the outside to the weakened organism.


  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Improvment of bloodstream and relaxation of musculature
  • Relief for swollen legs and joints
  • Optimization of regeneration after training
  • Soothing of nervous and sensitive horses before and after training and competition
  • Aid for overacidification
  • Therapy for the entire locomotor system
  • Therapy for back pains, stressed tendons and joints
  • Colic-Therapy
  • Resolution of digestive problems
  • Aid for respiratory disease
  • Shortening of recovery time for acute and chronic conditions
  • supportiv therapeutiv measure for pain
Reithalle Magnetdecke